Chinese New Year Preparation Guides – Useful Tips For Chinese New Year Preparations

Chinese New Year is really just around the corner. The Chinese will definitely be busy running errands to make sure that the Chinese New Year celebration is well prepared. Some may choose to start as early as a month before the celebration which also means the last month in the Lunar Calendar. This way, they get to plan things they need to have for the celebration and slowly distributing the tasks among the family members and then carry them out.

Since Chinese New Year is the most important celebration among the Chinese, the celebration is always a grand one where family members gather around the house to eat, chat and play. Noises are definitely one thing that will not be missed during the celebration. If you are thinking Chinese New Year is only a day or two celebration or only over the weekend, then you are very wrong.

The Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year for a full 15 days and 16 days if Chinese New Year Eve is counted. But it makes no different because the mood can be felt when shops started selling Chinese New Year goods, restaurant started promoting their Chinese New Year menu, the shopping malls started to have Chinese New Year performance. It is the festive season love by everyone.

Lets get rolling on with the preparation needed for Chinese New Year. First in the list is the spring cleaning. Since Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, spring cleaning is normally used to indicate that the whole house must be thoroughly clean to usher in the brand new year. Every corner of the house will be clean and dust free. Old good that are not of use anymore will be thrown away or given out as second hand items. Take is as the yearly charity event for your family.

When cleaning is done, decorate the house with the Chinese New Year decoration, the auspicious home decoration in order to bring your family a prosperous and well being year. The decorations can include paper cut outs, cut outs from red packet, red lanterns, prosperous orange tree, Spring Festival couplets and many more. The orange tree known as ‘kum quat’ in Cantonese is a favorite among many home decorations. They are usually place in front of the house. ‘Kum’ sounds similar to gold thus the use of it. It sounds like you are bearing ‘gold’ when you grow this tree.

The decorations used are mainly symbolic with prosperous and luck where red colors are everywhere in the house. New curtains are usually used as well to refresh your home a little. The reason to have all these decorations is mainly to wish for a better year ahead for everyone in the family and to be blessed. When you are done with all the decorations, the mood for Chinese New Year gets thicker and slowly, you will hear people playing the Chinese New Year songs from the house.

Not only has the home needed to be new. You yourself need a little change as well. The Chinese will normally shop for a few pairs of new clothes and shoes and bags and even accessories to go with it! Checked shopping and now you are on your way for a new hairdo. Everyone needs to look new and fresh to welcome in the New Year. Children will definitely love it as they get to shop for firecrackers as well.

Then comes the busy preparation for a feast. Some bake for the purpose of selling, some bake for the purpose of giving a gift to family and friends. Either way, they still bake. Cookies are always a popular snack in the Chinese New Year besides candies, nuts and crackers. Then, they stock in some important food ingredients to make sure they have a complete kitchen during the Chinese New Year. Stacks of mandarin oranges and beverages are the must have in every household. They need to be prepared to give the gift in return to their guests.

Then, the Chinese will also be preparing the food list to have during the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner. It is the time where all the family members really gather together to dine. It does sound similar to the Western Thanksgiving dinner. Dishes that symbolize prosperity will be prepared and it will all be fun if you manage to get everyone together to help.

Last but not least, prepare the red packets. It has been a tradition in Chinese New Year to give out red packets. The amount of money inserted is not important but the meaning of the act is very important. Red packet is known as ‘lai see’ in Cantonese and it means lucky money. Usually the adults will prepare the red packets and give it out to the children throughout the Chinese New Year as a blessing.

That is about all the preparation that needed to be done before ushering the first day of the Lunar Calendar. Though it sounds simple, there is actually a lot to be done.

WotLK Horde Leveling Guides

Along with the Wrath of the Lich King, the new expansion pack for World of Warcraft, quite many WotLK horde leveling guides were created. Now, with the release of the new content I know that some people were tempted to buy power level from the WoW power level professionals but that is very risky, you might get your account banned. In this article I will describe my experience with one of the Wotlk horde leveling guides.

I must confess, at the beginning I wasn’t too excited about the idea of using a guide, but I remained behind with my XP and my guildies were already doing Naxxramas. I had to apply “extreme” methods to catch up. A friend recommended me a WotLK horde guide and I decided to look into it.

It came quite handy. The PDF layout and the in-game addon made it a very useful tool. All the quests were described step-by-step and all the points of interest marked on the .pdf maps. The addon was like a GPS system always showing me where to go and the exact description of the tasks I was to perform. All in all I was very happy with the guide, I managed to catch up with my friends after 1 day (/played).

As a conclusion, I can say that using WotLK horde leveling guides to rise a character in Northrend is not a bad choice. At least, for me it worked nicely. They are usually very comprehensive and easy to follow and no matter that you are a pro or just a beginner a good guide can only improve your gaming experience.

Zygor 1-70 Leveling Guides – Leveling Your Horde and Alliance Characters in World of Warcraft

There are two new World of Warcraft 1-70 leveling guides recently introduced that I think you are going to want to take a look at if you’re interested in leveling your Horde or Alliance characters quickly in WoW. They both come from Zygor and he’s written separate guides for Alliance and for Horde.

It seems like every week or two some new leveling guide for World of Warcraft is released to the market. Most of them I end up ignoring because they don’t have come up to scratch, either being too short on information or trying to pack in too much material into a small guide. Not so with Zygor’s guides though.

Offering two separate guides, both of the guides for Horde and Alliance are slightly over 300 pages. In addition to the 1-70 leveling guide, each of Zygor’s guides also includes a great map add-on which really makes questing simpler and also included are faction-specific gold guides. At roughly 38 pages, the gold guide won’t replace a more detailed gold farming guide, but if you are concentrating on leveling and have decided to worry about your gold-making later, it’s a nice and helpful addition which will put some loot in your pockets as you quest to 70.

Since both of Zygor’s guides for Alliance and Horde are 300 pages or so, they are incredibly detailed and offers tons of quests. In fact, I believe his guides are almost double the size of other 1-70 leveling guides. At the same time, however, Zygor purposely eliminates any quests that are a waste of your time, slow you down or offer little reward for doing them. Each leveling guide covers levels 1-70 so you won’t need separate guides for the Outlands and the guides are designed to get you to level 70 in under 8 days if you choose to forgo running instances as Zygor recommends.

The Cartographer map-mod is included with Zygor’s guides and it comes with some additional exclusive modifications for use with the guides. Once you’ve loaded up the map-mod, it makes it very easy to follow along with Zygor’s leveling guides in a step-by-step fashion. For each spot in WoW that you need to reach, you can set them as waypoints and then you won’t need to constantly open your map because an arrow on your character will lead you in the direction you need to go.

Providing complete walkthroughs for every area and including starting areas for each race, all you really need to do is decide whether you are going to play Horde or Alliance and then follow the step-by-step instructions for whichever guide you choose to use.