Brian Kopp’s Alliance Leveling Guide Review – Taking a Look at Brian Kopp’s Leveling Guide

The mandatory introduction

Brian Kopp’s Alliance Leveling Guide is one of the first ones many people hear about online. It brags that a player can go from 1-60 in under 6 days /played, and go from 60-70 in about the same. Certainly faster than you would level on your own. And make note that these times were made before the 2.3 patch reduced leveling time.

But is Brian Kopp’s guide for real, or is he merely using his own amazing leveling speed to sell a useless guide? Find out in this review.

How’s this work?

The fastest way to level has always been questing. People who think grinding is better are either daft or really bad at questing. A player who knows a zone will level even faster than a smart newbie, by chaining together nearby quests and not wasting as much time. An expert will do this even better.

I wouldn’t say Brian Kopp’s leveling guide makes you an expert instantly, but you certainly won’t do better your first time through a zone. Once or twice there was a decision that made me go “Hmmm….” but mostly the guide is spot-on.

And unlike Joanna’s Horde Leveling Guide, a similarly popular WoW leveling guide, this one never had be thinking “How the hell can I kill these things, I’m not a Hunter or a Warlock!”

Like a lot of leveling guides, certain classes with less PvE clout will benefit from being a level or two higher than the guide says, to make things easier…but this isn’t necessary.

A few people with no experience with these guides are no doubt wondering how knowing the quest order helps if you have never done them before. Well, the Brian Kopp’s guide uses map coordinates liberally, giving you a simple connect-the-dot order to travel in. Even better, it comes with…

An addon

The addon unveils your entire map and puts markers on every key point covered in the guide. While it lacks the polished functionality of the Team iDemise Guide’s addon, or the level of detail Joanna’s Horde Leveling Guide provides with its YouTube videos, it is certainly better than nothing.

Still, you will need to alt-tab back and forth to check the next step in the guide if you don’t have dual-monitors or at least a printout of the guide.

More TF2 General Achievements and How to Get Them

Powerhouse Offense:Win 2Fort with a shutout.

The easiest way to get this achievement is to play on 24/7 2Fort servers. 2Fort is one of the most popular maps played on TF2 so it shouldn’t be hard to find one. Since a lot of these servers have regular players that work well together you will want to join their team.

If the teams seem to be pretty even then I suggest going Scout if you want to just run the intel yourself or get your friends to help you with an assault class/Medic combo. This is another achievement that will happen eventually.

Lightning Offense:Win Well in 5 minutes or less.

Since CP_Well is a control point map this achievement is all about offense. Having a good balance of Scouts, Soldiers, Demomen and Medics will make this achievement a lot easier. Soldier and Medic with a Kritzkrieg can easily roll over the control points in under five minutes.

Relentless Offense:Win Hydro without giving up a capture.

Hydro is one of those maps where one team will easily win or neither team will win. It’s very rare for Hydro to be a balanced match. This is why it’s the least played stock map. This is great for you though since Hydro almost always ends with no one winning. Just play it enough and you’ll get this one.

World Traveler:Play a complete game on 2Fort, Dustbowl, Granary, Gravel Pit, Hydro, and Well (CP).

There’s nothing else to say about this achievement. Simply play a full map of each of the above mentioned and you’ll get this.

Team Doctor:Accumulate 25000 heal points as a Medic.

I suggest you wait until you go for your Medic achievements to get this. When you attempt to get your Medic achievements you’ll put a big dent in this number.

Best Savage Leather Farming Spots

Skinning is one of the best gathering professions. Unlike Mining and Herbalism you will have a lot less competition since there are simply fewer Skinners than there are Miners and Herbalists. In Cataclysm, the most sought after trade good from Skinning is Savage Leather. It comes in the form of Savage Leather scraps from low level mobs (80-82) and as Savage Leather from higher level mobs (usually 83-85). If you’re a Leatherworker, you can turn 5 scraps into 1 Savage Leather and 5 leather into 1 Heavy Savage Leather. Each tier of leather sells for a little more than the combined materials to make them. If you’re not a Leatherworker you can usually sell the scraps on the auction house instead. All of these leathers will sell very well on the auction house. They can also be turned into Pristine Hides which are extremely valuable.

Where is the best place to farm Savage Leather? There are actually 4 awesome places to farm. The first two places are in Tol’Barad. Immediately after your faction wins the PvP battle, players will rush to the daily quest hubs and grab 3-5 daily quests. More often than not they will be sent to marshes directly to the west of Baradin Hold. Here they will slaughter dozens of Crocolisks which you can skin and receive a lot of leather. Because there are so many players doing dailies and not many of them skinners, there will be a lot of extra crocs to skin.

The second place to farm is in the northern daily area of Tol’Barad, in The Darkwood. This place is crammed full of spiders that you can slaughter and skin for leather. The bonus here is that there is another daily quest that players will often receive that sends them to kill spiders which you can skin.

There is also a place in Twilight Highlands, the northern plateau is full of worgs, owls and other beasts. These are easy to find, kill and skin. They also respawn quickly enough so that you won’t run out of beasts to kill or skin.

The final place to farm Savage Leather is in Vashj’ir. I added this place to the list because it only requires level 80 to go to. Do at least the first few quests until you have the sea horse mount and then head to the northern area of Kelp’thar Forest to kill crabs, serpents and anything else labeled beast.