World Of Warcraft Horde Leveling Guide – Joana’s – Burning Crusade – Outland

This isn’t your run of the mill guide, it takes you exactly step by step, provides links to a maps addon, video to watch his technique, and suggestions on a variety of things, from talent point allocation to maximizing time played.

This guide is totally updated for the Burning Crusade Expansion pack and more content was added and is now fully updated for the 2.3 patch that recently came out. It has Outland 60-70, Horde 1-70, Blood Elfs leveling and more

Joana has demonstrated his credibility and was the first to hold the leveling record – He has proven his skills on several servers and has honed his time and skills as new patches came out.

His guide I will recommend therefore. for those who are less skilled and even for those who are skilled this is an excellent resource. It also has videos to accompany the instructions. The instructions are clear and well though out.

This guide is also good for those people that due to lack of time do not have the ability to figure things out easily and then can have lots of fun leveling quickly and some might not get there because they are looking in the wrong places and/or are using the wrong sources and techniques.

One of the key features I liked about this guide is that it offer lifetime updates which we know is a big plus.

At a price of $37 dollars for a guide that will be constantly updated as new patches and such come are released is truly a bargain I think. Especially when you consider that there are players out there who easily spend this much on buying wow gold and characters every day!

A resource like Joana’s guide allows you to experience the game and you don’t have to do a speed run, you can also practice trade skills and you can do that and level at a reasonable pace.

This is all in all a very fine put together guide that will provide you lots of fun and in turn your friend and enemies will be impressed with your mastery of these levels 🙂

I was looking for some negatives about this guide but could not find any I am just patiently waiting till he decides to come out with the Alliance leveling guide.

Zygor 1-70 Leveling Guides – Leveling Your Horde and Alliance Characters in World of Warcraft

There are two new World of Warcraft 1-70 leveling guides recently introduced that I think you are going to want to take a look at if you’re interested in leveling your Horde or Alliance characters quickly in WoW. They both come from Zygor and he’s written separate guides for Alliance and for Horde.

It seems like every week or two some new leveling guide for World of Warcraft is released to the market. Most of them I end up ignoring because they don’t have come up to scratch, either being too short on information or trying to pack in too much material into a small guide. Not so with Zygor’s guides though.

Offering two separate guides, both of the guides for Horde and Alliance are slightly over 300 pages. In addition to the 1-70 leveling guide, each of Zygor’s guides also includes a great map add-on which really makes questing simpler and also included are faction-specific gold guides. At roughly 38 pages, the gold guide won’t replace a more detailed gold farming guide, but if you are concentrating on leveling and have decided to worry about your gold-making later, it’s a nice and helpful addition which will put some loot in your pockets as you quest to 70.

Since both of Zygor’s guides for Alliance and Horde are 300 pages or so, they are incredibly detailed and offers tons of quests. In fact, I believe his guides are almost double the size of other 1-70 leveling guides. At the same time, however, Zygor purposely eliminates any quests that are a waste of your time, slow you down or offer little reward for doing them. Each leveling guide covers levels 1-70 so you won’t need separate guides for the Outlands and the guides are designed to get you to level 70 in under 8 days if you choose to forgo running instances as Zygor recommends.

The Cartographer map-mod is included with Zygor’s guides and it comes with some additional exclusive modifications for use with the guides. Once you’ve loaded up the map-mod, it makes it very easy to follow along with Zygor’s leveling guides in a step-by-step fashion. For each spot in WoW that you need to reach, you can set them as waypoints and then you won’t need to constantly open your map because an arrow on your character will lead you in the direction you need to go.

Providing complete walkthroughs for every area and including starting areas for each race, all you really need to do is decide whether you are going to play Horde or Alliance and then follow the step-by-step instructions for whichever guide you choose to use.