WotLK Horde Leveling Guides

Along with the Wrath of the Lich King, the new expansion pack for World of Warcraft, quite many WotLK horde leveling guides were created. Now, with the release of the new content I know that some people were tempted to buy power level from the WoW power level professionals but that is very risky, you might get your account banned. In this article I will describe my experience with one of the Wotlk horde leveling guides.

I must confess, at the beginning I wasn’t too excited about the idea of using a guide, but I remained behind with my XP and my guildies were already doing Naxxramas. I had to apply “extreme” methods to catch up. A friend recommended me a WotLK horde guide and I decided to look into it.

It came quite handy. The PDF layout and the in-game addon made it a very useful tool. All the quests were described step-by-step and all the points of interest marked on the .pdf maps. The addon was like a GPS system always showing me where to go and the exact description of the tasks I was to perform. All in all I was very happy with the guide, I managed to catch up with my friends after 1 day (/played).

As a conclusion, I can say that using WotLK horde leveling guides to rise a character in Northrend is not a bad choice. At least, for me it worked nicely. They are usually very comprehensive and easy to follow and no matter that you are a pro or just a beginner a good guide can only improve your gaming experience.

Northrend Leveling Guide – What Makes For a Good 70-80 Northrend Leveling Guide For WotLK?

The release of Wrath of the Lich King for World of Warcraft has many players scrambling to reach the new level cap of 80. In an attempt to get there quickly, many are turning to a Northrend leveling guide to level fast in WoW. There are many leveling guides out there, but only a few that actually work. Some of them are just downright horrible.

So what makes a good Northrend leveling guide? For starters, the guides main focus should not be on grinding. Grinding is killing the same mobs over and over for hours on end to pile up the exp. Who needs a guide to tell them how to do that? Besides, it’s not the fastest way to level in WoW.

Questing in Northrend is going to be the fastest way to level. A good leveling guide will tell you exactly which quests to do as well as when and where to go do them. Northrend has two starting zones, Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, with plenty of quests between them. If you are not following a guide written by someone that knows what they are doing, chances are you’re not leveling as fast as you could be. These guides cut out all the time wasting quests and focus only on the fastest path to level 80.

Another thing to look for is the format. Any good Northrend leveling guide is going to come with an in-game leveling guide, and not just a PDF document. This allows you to view the guide in the World of Warcraft game interface so you do not have to switch back and forth between the game and PDF file. These in-game guides also mark your maps with quest givers, quest objectives, quest turn-in locations and give you an arrow next to your character that points you in the right direction. This is a huge time saver as it allows you to fly through the quests without wasting time trying to find out where to go.

Are you one of those players in a rush to hit level 80 so you can enjoy the best content, PvP action, and gear World of Warcraft has to offer? Are you trying to find a way to level fast in WoW? If so, you need to find a good Northrend leveling guide.

WoTLK Guide Review – Zygor WoTLK Guide

There’s a new wave in the WoW 1-80 leveling guide collections. There are two recently released guides from Zygor. One is especially crafted for Horde and the other is for Alliance players. The two separate guides are written to add more specialization to the instructions included, which is very important in the WoW game.

There seems to be a new guide being released for the World of Warcraft each week. This time around, there were two of them even. Some guides are not worth anybody’s time simply because they tend to ignore some important information. However, there are others that contain too much information that it overwhelms users. Too much data is almost impossible to pack together in a comprehensive guide. Zygor’s guides are very different through. This one is truly worth your time and your money.

The idea of having two different guides for the same quest is more than appealing. Indeed, the Horde and the Alliance require different sets of strategies. However, these guides were created in full detail, with both of them exceeding 300 information-filled pages. But more than just the guide that you have to read from cover to cover, Zygor has also created a map as an add-on to your game. This can make your questing twice as simple. Included in the map are gold guides. By using the guide and the special map together, you can actually build up on your wealth while you try to reach the power levels.

The details included in the two guides are fantastic. It covers all the important quests that gamers have to follow while playing the game. Compared to other guides of similar scope, Zygor’s guide would fair twice as much better. The author takes pain in removing all the quests that you don’t have to pursue as they would only take up most of your time and slow you down. There are also quests that provide very little reward in the end and as such, they are not worth your time either. The guide is especially created to take you to level 70 in less than eight days. That is, if you choose to follow every bit of instructions and recommendations in the book.

The guides also include the map-mod Cartographer. This program makes possible various map modifications to make it apt to your needs. Uploading the map-mod also allows you to follow all the things as indicated in Zygor’s leveling guides in a highly methodical manner. Each spot that you need to reach in the WoW game map can be set as waypoints. By doing so, you don’t have to open the map all the time just so you’ll know where you should be headed. By making a particular spot a waypoint even though it isn’t, the arrows would point to it directly, thereby showing you the right road to take.

Zygor’s guide provides gamers a complete walkthrough on the relevant parts of the game. This includes the starting area of the race. Whether you’re taking on alliance or horde, the guide covers both of these areas.