Get Wood Stains Off Hands

Getting wood stains off hands may be difficult sometimes. The stains are extremely stubborn that they will even cause skin color in some cases. In this article, we will give you step-by-step instructions concerning how you can remove these stains from both your hands. Read on to learn more.

Step #1

First coming from all, you should purchase a good cleaner first. Once you have started using it, you ought to apply it to your target area by using a damp little bit of clothing.

Step #2

Now, make use of an old section of clothing to rub the stain properly. Make sure you readily old rag that you do not need to use again. It’s far better to rotate the rag to be sure it doesn’t transfer for the other area.

Step #3

For better scrubbing, it’s better which you go for salt. After detaching the stain, you can utilize water and soap for rinsing the stained area. You can do this again several times till the stains are actually removed completely.

Step #4

If you do not possess a cleaner available, you can utilize a different product, say for example a nail polish remover or wipes for this specific purpose.

Step #5

In a crisis situation, you need to use half a teaspoon of chlorine bleach and acquire it blended with one cup of water. This solution works extremely well on the target area for cleaning. Don’t have the mistake of leaving the perfect solution is on your hand for more than a little bit or you can get chemical burns.

It’s better that you just wash the location using soap for removing any residue. Also, don’t result in the big mistake of mixing chlorine bleach with ammonia or acid as it can create dangerous gases. In this case, chances are you’ll suffer from respiratory issues.

A Safety Reminder

Although you should use mineral spirits and paint thinner to take out the stain off both hands, know that they can have some disadvantages. Also, petroleum-based solvents are very flammable. So, they will often cause skin irritation also.

Some kinds of solvents may be safe, like water. Other good alternatives include acetone and alcohol. You can use a cotton swab to rub the solvent with your skin. Afterward, it is best to wash your skin layer with soap and water.

The Use of Natural Oils

You may use natural skin oils for removing wood stains from both hands. The most popular ones include food-grade oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, and organic olive oil, for starters. All you need to do is utilize a little bit of food-grade oil and rub it to your skin.


In short, you should use household items for removing stains from both your hands. For instance, you should use mineral oil, paint thinner, and alcohol for treatment of stains. And the positive thing is that it won’t produce harmful gases either. However, you should definitely follow precautions to make sure you don’t end up with a bigger problem.

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