RAINHANDLERS ARE THE PERMANENT SOLUTION to homeowner’s constant hassle with maintaining ordinary, trough-style gutters. Install them once and you will probably NEVER AGAIN climb a shaky ladder to clean up another clogged raingutter.

For twenty years thousands of American homeowners have replaced messy and unsafe gutters and downspouts by installing the present day Rainhandler gutter the proven and practical system for rainwater dispersal – never clean or maintain a traditional rain gutter again.

Install Rainhandlers now – END your gutter hassles once and for all!

Rainhandlers are INGENIOUS Alternative to ORDINARY GUTTERS! Unlike ordinary gutters, Rainhandlers don’t collect and channel rainwater. They INSTANTLY MANAGE ROOF RUNOFF with the source – Right under eaves – and not using a complicated trough and downspout system.


The Rainhandler gutter product is practically invisible. No gutters, downspouts, leaders or splash blocks to detract on the natural beauty in your home.

Easy to Install

Each 5-foot section easily snaps into three brackets which might be screwed into your fascia board. Couldn’t be simpler. And the miracle in our engineering: each 1 pound section is capable of holding up to 150 pounds of weight. If you don’t need to install the Rainhandler gutter yourself, as most of the customers do, exclusively use a local handyman – no special skills required.

Self Cleans

Unique louver design allows leaves and debris to blow or wash away. A gutter collects leaves and debris.

Protects Property

The Rainhandler self-cleaning gutter system eliminates clogged, over-flowing gutters and downspouts. No ground erosion. No more destructive ice dams from the frozen gutter.

Protects You

The Rainhandler gutter is self-cleaning and protects you from your need to climb dangerous ladders and roofs to completely clean a clogged gutter.

Prevents Erosion

Roof runoff is transformed into a 2 to three foot wide band of soft rain-sized droplets sprinkling the landscape. A clogged gutter spills at it’s low spot and erodes your beds which enable it to undermine your foundation.

Maintains Itself

The all-aluminum, never-rusting, maintenance-free Rainhandler gutters make messy, deteriorating rain gutters and downspouts history.


You merely appraise the linear footage on the drip advantage on your roof, and divide by 5 feet, the capacity of each Rainhandler section. If you end up with a fraction, round away and off to the next 5 foot increment

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